Assistant Tax Map Supervisor/Mapping Tech — Tax Map Office

Seneca County Tax Map Office

The Seneca County Tax Map Office is seeking applicants for an Assistant Tax Map Supervisor/Mapping Tech.

Please send application, resume and cover letter to the Seneca County Engineer’s Office, 3300 S. TR 151, Tiffin, OH 44883

See the job description here, or read below:

POSITION TITLE: Assistant Tax Map Supervisor/Mapping Tech – TAX MAP OFFICE

Incumbent is responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the Tax Map Office records and maps, and to ensure compliance with minimum state/county surveying standards. Reports to Engineer/Tax Map Supervisor.

—–Maintains accuracy of tax maps by updating same to reflect correct information based upon real estate deed descriptions, surveys and/or other official documents to include splits and transfers, mapping system and paper/mylar maps;
—–Furnishes information to the general public upon request regarding interpretation of real estate deed descriptions, property line, transfers or surveys through comparison to maps or other official documents/records;
—–Verifies accuracy of real estate deed legal description against that provided by surveyor;
—–Copies tax maps using a Xerox machine;
—–Performs mathematical closure to ensure accuracy of legal descriptions and/or surveys using the computer to do the calculatations;
—–Administers the sale of tax maps to the general public;
—–Researches county deeds, maps and other official records/documents to resolve problems and/or discrepancies as they relate to the activities of the Tax Map Office;
—–Receives and accounts for cash/check payments for products sold to the public.

—–Performs various clerical duties as required to include initiating, preparing and mailing necessary correspondence.


Equipment: Computer and other related GIS software, copying machine and various drafting tools/instruments/equipment necessary to complete the work assignments.

Critical Skills/Expertise:
—–Thorough knowledge of departmental policies, procedures and practices and the ability to apply these to the work assignments;
—–General knowledge of real estate terminology relevant to deed descriptions/filings and as applicable to the work assignments;
—–Working knowledge of drafting procedures, practices and techniques (including inking mylars/linens) and the ability to relate these to the work assignments;
—–Working knowledge of surveying procedures, practices, techniques and terminology and the ability to apply to assigned duties;
—–Ability to accurately draft and/or update tax maps (paper, mylar);
—–Ability to interpret deeds, survey reports, tax maps and other related documents and apply to the work assignments;
—–Ability to use common English language to effectively communicate, both in oral and written form;
—–Ability to develop working rapport with attorneys, surveyors, abstractors, contractors/developers, the general public, co-workers and other county personnel.

Job Standards: Must possess a valid State of Ohio Motor Vehicle Driver’s License.


Incumbent is required to follow pre-determined rules and standards and to use a variety of technical information and knowledge to complete work assignments, and to assure that surveys meet prescribed minimum standards as set forth by the State of Ohio. The incumbent is required to be familiar with and to utilize technical language and moderately complex calculations to complete work assignments and ensure accuracy of work product.


Incumbent works under general supervision and often sets own priorities on routine work assignments. Consults with County Engineer/Tax Map Supervisor regarding unique problems/circumstances/decision making processes to determine correct method for completing assigned duties. The incumbent’s work effort affects real estate property lines and boundaries throughout the county and, as such, impact other county offices. The incumbent must exercise considerable judgment in conjunction with technical expertise in accepting or rejecting legal descriptions as errors in work may not be readily detected and thus become part of the county’s official records/documents; correction requires issuing and/or recording a corrected deed/document.


Incumbent interacts with representatives of both private and public entities, the general public and personnel from the County Engineer’s Office for the purposes of furnishing/obtaining information to complete work assignments, resolve problems and/or lend assistance.


Job Location: Incumbent works in a modern office environment and may, from time to time, be required to lift books weighing fifteen (15) to twenty (20) pounds and to climb stairways in order to perform research activities. The incumbent’s work duties necessitate above average walking activities associated with office work. A moderate level of manual dexterity associated with using drafting tools/equipment and entering data into the computer is required.