Meeting Release

County commissioners review achievements from 2018

The Seneca County Board of Commissioners spent time Thursday morning reviewing achievements from 2018.
The board prepared and read a list of more than 20 tasks or projects that were completed during the past year.
Commissioner Shayne Thomas had the idea.
“I thought it would be nice to take a moment to review some of the things we accomplished in the past year,” he said. “We don’t do anything alone; we do it with a lot of help from different people and agencies.”
The list included the completion of the Seneca County Justice Center, the renovation of Seneca County Juvenile and Probate Court, the installation and operation of LED lighting on the justice center cupola, the dedication of the time capsule located in the justice center, the installation and repair of sidewalks on courthouse square and the relocation of the county law library.
The list also featured the establishment of a Budget Stabilization Fund or a “rainy-day” fund. The fund, which was created to protect the county against economic downturn, currently has $375,000. The board also approved the budget at the earliest time in recent memory (Nov. 20) and also saved about $885,000 of Medicaid transition money from the state.
Other achievements on the list included the completion of a countywide active transportation plan, the demolition of the former Attica Eagles building and the demolition of several blighted properties through the county land bank.
Increased funding to the Seneca County Fair and Attica Fair, as well as the resurrection of an Ohio State University Agriculture Agent position were also discussed as successes from 2018. The board also remarked on an enhanced social media presence and the launching of a new county website that has more information and is easier to use.
Thomas said some of the projects listed were completed because of the groundwork laid by other boards, while he also said this board created the foundation for future achievements.
“If there’s one thing I’ve learned in this job, it’s that things take time,” he said.
Construction on a fiber ring that will increase the county’s network capabilities also began in 2018. The project also will upgrade the communications capabilities of emergency services personnel. The project was launched so the county’s 9-1-1 system can be enhanced.
In 2018, commissioners also authorized the utilization of a 24/7 Echo paramedic unit that shadows all county ambulances on runs. The board also authorized the creation of the PIVOT Drug Court, which is a unique multi-jurisdictional drug court used to help non-violent drug offenders rehabilitate.
The commissioners also thanked all of the volunteers in the county who have provided countless hours. Commissioner Mike Kerschner said the volunteers inspire him to serve and try to improve the community. The list of achievements, compiled by Thomas in conjunction with the other commissioners, is available here.

During appropriations, the board approved:
* A $200,000 fund transfer to the Justice Center Construction Fund.
* Establishing the HRSA Grant Fund on behalf of the Mental Health and Recovery Services Board.
* Appointing Greg Edinger to the WSOS Communication Action Commission for a one-year term expiring Dec. 31, 2019.
* Agreements with Tyler Technologies and Appraisal Research Corp., on behalf of the county auditor.