Meeting Release

Post-meeting release 10/9

Commissioners hear proposal from landfill representative

[Tiffin, OH Oct. 8. 2018] Seneca County commissioners heard a proposal from Ben Nutter, of Sunny Farms Landfill, during their meeting Tuesday morning.

Nutter asked the county to waive a quarterly charge because the landfill was not currently using a pipeline connected to the county’s system.

He said the landfill typically uses the line, but because of changes in how the plant operates, the company has not been using it. The company plans to use the line again in the future after operational changes are made, but they don’t want to be charged for the service while not using it. There was no timeline given for future use of the line.

Nutter said the company has not used the line since the end of August.

The landfill currently owes about $15,101 in overdue payments from this year. Nutter said the landfill will make those payments.

The commissioners are to mull Nutter’s proposal and are expected to make a decision next week.

County Engineer Mark Zimmerman recommended the county accept Nutter’s proposal.

In other business, the board did not make a decision on the county contribution to employees’ Health Savings Accounts. The issue is expected to be discussed again next week.

During the work session, commissioners heard from Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership Downtown Main Street Manager Amy Reinhart about a proposal to implement a Designated Outdoor Refreshment Area downtown.

Under the DORA, patrons of participating licensed restaurants, bars and entertainment venues would be able to carry up to 16 oz. of an open alcoholic beverage in a designated cup outside. There are currently 11 communities in the state that have established a DORA. Reinhart said it is going “very, very well” in those communities.

The idea is expected to be introduced to Tiffin City Council for the first time Monday. The city must approve the policy before it is put in place. The discussion of the commissioners Tuesday was to decide how to react if the area is implemented by the city. Several downtown properties are owned by the county. Reinhart said the county could post signs on some or all properties prohibiting alcohol.

The commissioners approved the following legislation:
* All supplemental appropriations and appropriation adjustments submitted through the county’s software system for the Oct. 9 meeting.

* A $2,000 supplemental appropriation to the Foster Child Donation Fund.
* A $0.19 supplemental appropriation to the Historic Preservation Fund.
* A $10,000 fund advance from the General Fund to the IDEP Fund and a $5,000 fund advance from the General Fund to the STEP Fund, both on behalf of the county sheriff. The money will be reimbursed once grant funding is received by the sheriff’s office.
* The sale of a 1997 Mercury GS on behalf of the Seneca County Clerk of Courts. The vehicle was sold for $1,850.