Meeting Release

Post-meeting Release

Seneca County Commissioners receive bids on energy conservation project

By Sheri Trusty

Tiffin — During the Seneca County Board of Commissioners’ meeting on Nov. 30, Seneca County Administrator Barb Patterson opened bids for an energy conservation project in county buildings. Bids were reviewed from Wadworth and Brewer-Garrett. Once commissioners approve a bid, the project is expected to begin next year.

“The savings are guaranteed by the company that does the work,” Commissioner Tyler Shuff said.

Mike Ditto, a legislative consultant with Highbridge Consulting Group, joined the commissioners’ meeting by phone to give an update on Ohio Senate and House activities tied to Seneca County. He spoke about progress on Senate Bill 119, a bill sponsored by Senator Bill Reineke that has the full support of the commissioners. Ditto also provided Senate and House deadlines for State Capital Budget requests. The commissioners plan to finalize their requests in the next couple weeks.

Guest Tara Balliet, the director of Seneca County Veterans Service Commission, gave an update on the commissions’ use of county-allocated funds. Over $700,000 was allotted to the commission for 2023, and about $530,000 was spent. By utilizing county funds, the commission procured $27 million in federal grants.

“For every $1 the county authorizes us to spend, we bring in $51 in VA money,” Balliet said. “I am thankful we are working with the commissioners’ office. I think our offices are role models for other counties.”

Balliet gave updates on Seneca County’s veteran population, which has decreased this year.

“We have very few World War II veterans. Our Korean veterans are dwindling quickly because of age and our Vietnam veterans because they are sick,” she said.

Seneca County Commissioner Anthony Paradiso expressed gratitude for the Seneca County Veterans Service Commission.

“I’m proud of our veterans, and I’m proud of what you do for our veterans,” Paradiso said.

During their individual reports, the commissioners talked about their activity in the last week, which included work on the ongoing Seneca County EMS project, meetings about the Seneca County Land Bank, and attendance at the Ella Street Bridge ribbon cutting. Seneca County Commissioner Bill Frankart praised City Engineer Matt Watson for exemplary work on the project.

“I want to give a big shout-out to Matt Watson. He’s always looking to make things better in Tiffin,” Frankart said.

The commissioners approved five of seven supplemental appropriations on the agenda, postponing voting on two until further information can be gathered, and they approved six resolutions, including a resolution authorizing a 100-year lease agreement with Seneca Township Trustees for land which will become the site of the second new EMS building.

The lease was approved after an assessment of water and sewer needs and discussions with the trustees, the EPA, engineers and architects.

“I’m excited,” Paradiso said. “This took time. I’m happy to get this started this spring.”

The next Seneca County Commissioners’ meeting will be held on Dec. 5 at 10 a.m.