Meeting Release

Post-meeting release 4/18

Commissioners hear from volunteers, thank them for their contributions
Also approve deposit into rainy-day fund, receive good financial news from Fostoria

A group of volunteers poses for a photo during the commissioners’ meeting Thursday morning.

[Tiffin, OH April 18, 2019] – The Seneca County Board of Commissioners kicked off its meeting Thursday morning by thanking all volunteers across the county.
The board approved a proclamation recognizing April as National Volunteer Appreciation Month and volunteers from several organizations spoke about what they do and why they do it.
Seneca County EMS Director Ken Majors thanked all volunteers, past and present, for their many years of service to county EMS. Dani Gebauer, Bob Farrell and Dennis Hanlon all were in attendance.
“These guys make my job easy,” he said. “When the call comes, they answer.”
Majors also gave a nod to volunteer firefighters, members of the Community Emergency Response Team and to those who are involved with amateur radio.
Tracie Cress, the executive director of Court Appointed Special Advocates, thanked all the volunteers who advocate for children through CASA.
“These are every day, normal people who represent the best interests of children,” she said.
Challie Briihl and Wendy Norris attended on behalf of CASA.
The commissioners also heard from Seneca County Museum Director Tonia Hoffert who brought several volunteers to the meeting to be honored.
“Without them, the museum wouldn’t be open,” she said. “I appreciate all of the help we get from them.”
Greg Glover also addressed the board, a man who spends one night a week working with youths at the Seneca County Youth Center on an ongoing Bible study.
Several other groups of volunteers were acknowledged during the meeting. This includes the Seneca County Park District, the Law Library Resource Board, others who help at the Seneca County Youth Center, the Ohio Certified Volunteer Naturalists and the League of Women Voters.
Commissioner Mike Kerschner said it would be impossible to name every volunteer, but he said he hopes they all realize their contributions to the community are very valuable.
“I believe you are the fiber that holds our community together. You save us time, you save taxpayer money and often times you save lives,” Kerschner said. “You have our heartfelt thank you for volunteering your time, your treasure and your talent.”
In other action, the commissioners agreed to make a $125,000 deposit into the Budget Stabilization Fund, or rainy-day fund. The fund, which was established in April 2018, now has a $500,000 balance.
The fund helps by safeguarding against future economic downturn.
The board also heard an update from a joint annual meeting of Fostoria Economic Development Corp., the city’s chamber of commerce and its visitor’s services bureau. FEDC facilitated nearly $2 million in grant funding to the city last year. The city also brought in 284 new jobs, retained 2,035 and saw more than $50 million of local investment.
In other business, the commissioners agreed to move forward in funding landscaping improvements at the Seneca County Justice Center. Zoeller Lawn and Property Management is to complete the work, which is to cost about $43,295 including an additional irrigation system. The city and the county’s judges are to share some of the cost of the project.
“These are the finishing touches we need to complete the building,” Commissioner Holly Stacy said.
Also during the meeting, the commissioners approved a one-year agricultural production lease agreement with Wise Farms for $225 an acre, on about 147 acres of county-owned property.
During resolutions, the board approved:

  • A $27,175 supplemental appropriation to the General Fund for equipment.
  • A $200,000 supplemental appropriation to the General Fund in the Transfers Out line.
  • A $71,800 supplemental appropriation to the General Fund in the Contract Services line.
  • A $66,925.50 fund transfer to the Public Assistance Fund.
  • A $75,000 fund transfer to the Capital Projects Fund for several projects, including new locks at the Seneca County Jail and the Seneca County Youth Center, and for upgrades to the electrical system at the RTA Building.
  • The employee dishonesty and faithful performance of duty policy through CORSA (county risk sharing authority) coverage.
  • A $189,600 contract with Prestressed Services Industries of Ohio for the TR 169 superstructure replacements project.
  • Setting May 23 at 10:15 a.m. to receive bids for the CR 26/CR 592 pavement resurfacing project.
  • The signing and submission of a grant application to the Ohio Department of Transportation for a five-percent matching grant related to a project at the Seneca County Airport.
  • A $71,800 contract with Helms & Sons Excavating for the Cemetery Lane Asphalt Project.