Attica-Venice-Reed EMS volunteer wins prestigious award

Seneca County EMS volunteer receives prestigious award

      Hanlon poses for a photo with his award

A Seneca County EMS paramedic who routinely goes beyond the call of duty as a volunteer and in his job at Mercy Health – Willard Hospital was recognized with a prestigious award this week.
Denny Hanlon, who has been volunteering as an EMT in the Attica area for about 31 years, said he was “very honored” to be named the 2019 Albert E. Dyckes Health Care Worker of the Year.
The award is given to a health care provider who personifies a leader, gives back to the community and reflects the mission and values of his or her organization.
Hanlon is a Nursing Administration shift supervisor at the hospital.
According to a press release from Mercy Health, Hanlon is one of a kind, serving his community effortlessly and with enthusiasm in any capacity.
“He is a mission-based humble servant at Mercy Health – Willard Hospital, a nationally
registered paramedic for the Attica-Venice-Reed Joint Ambulance District, a diver for the Seneca County Water Rescue team, an educator for future paramedics, a husband, a father and a grandfather. As part of his mission, he worked with those in need in a third-world country to help those who are underserved,” the release states.
Hanlon approaches everything with a sense of calm and compassion, making him the ultimate professional.
“He identifies what is needed to be done in any capacity and we are fortunate to have such an educated and faithful member putting those he serves above self,” the release states.
Hanlon’s leadership and volunteerism have proven to be major assets to Seneca County over the past few decades.
Seneca County EMS Administrator Dani Gebauer said it’s his loyalty, his wealth of knowledge and his willingness to work hard and lead that makes him deserve the award.
“He’s an instructor for us, he sits down, and he lectures during our medic refresher, he goes out and has continuing educations courses for the EMTs that volunteer,” she said.
So not only does Hanlon provide direct care as a volunteer for AVR EMS and as a part-time employee for the county’s Echo Unit, but he also helps to lead, guide and instruct the next batch of county EMS volunteers who will provide care in the future.
“He’s always bringing that leadership and knowledge wherever he goes,” Gebauer said.
Gebauer, who has volunteered as a paramedic for about 10 years, said Hanlon was a great person to learn from when she started.
“When you’re first starting, you’re looking for that guidance,” she said. “He is one to look to for help, he really does guide you.”
Gebauer said often times health care providers and EMS personnel go unrecognized.
“In this field, sometimes you go unrecognized,” she said. “Denny’s just very deserving of this award, we’re proud of him.”
Commissioner Holly Stacy thanked Hanlon for his service to the county.
“He’s a true example of the individuals that make our countywide EMS system work,” she said. “Denny applies his caring attitude and skills to the needs of others every day. It’s people like him that make our county a better, safer place to live.”