Coffee with a Commissioner event Friday at Bailiwicks

The county’s first Coffee with a Commissioner event to occur Friday at Bailiwicks

In an effort to continue to improve accessibility and transparency, the Seneca County Board of Commissioners is launching a series of events entitled “Coffee with a Commissioner.”

Starting this month and periodically throughout next year, one of the commissioners will take about an hour to share coffee and conversation with constituents across the county at several different sessions. During these sessions, there will be a short presentation and a chance for attendees to ask questions.

Commissioner Shayne Thomas

The first session is to be graciously hosted by Jess Wirth and Bailiwicks Coffee Company. Commissioner Shayne Thomas is the first commissioner to be featured at an event. The event is to begin at 11 a.m. on Friday, Dec. 20. It is expected to last about an hour.

Wirth, the owner of Bailiwicks, said she was excited to host the event.

“Our commissioners do a fantastic job of being available and ensuring transparency,” she said. “It’s an honor to partner with them to create one more avenue for residents of Seneca County to have the opportunity to voice concerns and be heard, learn what is in store for the county, and meet our community leaders face to face.”

Future events will also be hosted by Bailiwicks but will be located in areas across the county. Bailiwicks coffee will be available at those events on location. The locations and dates for future sessions will be announced soon.