Commissioners make predictions for 2020

Happy New Year, everyone! We hope everyone stays safe and has an enjoyable holiday. This week, the commissioners each had the opportunity to submit a few thoughts and predictions for next year. 

Commissioner Shayne Thomas

Prosecutor Derek DeVine gets re-elected in an election with record-breaking voter turnout.

The Sports page of The Advertiser-Tribune doubles in size in order to continue to track local football teams in the playoffs.

Court Street comes into focus in a new and exciting way.

Big investment announcements by local companies.

It rains half as much for half as long during planting season.

Commissioner Mike Kerschner

I predict there will be some bold advances in the opioid epidemic problem. Programs to prevent and cure addiction will be a big topic and I believe the story in Seneca County with the PIVOT program will be used as an example as to how to reduce dependence and move on to a happy, healthy and drug-free lifestyle.

I think there will be some huge infrastructure projects along with plans to reduce prescription drug prices announced across the country as the impeachment battle fades and Congress takes some positive action.

I believe Tony Paradiso will be elected commissioner with 80 percent of the vote and Shayne Thomas will be our next state representative.

Commissioner Tony Paradiso

There’s going to be a great turnout for the Census and it will benefit us for the next 10 years by giving us an accurate count of our population. The figures will validate the positive things that are going on in our county and will help us continue our momentum and economic growth.

The Browns will have a better season than last year (editorial note: there’s always next year!)

Fostoria will continue to take positive steps toward emerging from fiscal emergency status and will see several new businesses open behind the leadership of city officials and Fostoria Economic Development Corp. 

Residents will continue to use the beautiful Seneca County parks to exercise and enjoy the scenery as part of their New Years’ resolutions (and I will too!)

Seneca County Clerk of Courts Jean Eckelberry will win her re-election bid.