Draft language for resolution concerning Sunny Farms Landfill expansion application

During the June 2, 2022, board session, the commissioners introduced draft language for a potential resolution that would publicly oppose the proposed expansion at Sunny Farms Landfill in the Fostoria area. The draft language includes a request for Win Waste Innovations to rescind its application for expansion. The commissioners hope to receive public input and feedback about the draft language, and they are expected to consider formal action concerning the board’s official position during the June 9th board meeting. See the draft language below:

The Seneca County Board of Commissioners,

Noting that the Ohio Administrative Code 3745-30-14(B)(3) states the owner or operator (of a landfill) shall operate the facility in such a manner that noise, dust, and odors are strictly controlled so as not to cause a nuisance or a health hazard,

Recognizing that Win Waste Innovations, the operator of Sunny Farms Landfill, located in Loudon Township, Seneca County, has filed a Permit to Install Application with the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency to expand the north unit of the landfill,

Further recognizing that the expansion would significantly grow the footprint of the landfill both horizontally and vertically, allowing for more waste to be accepted daily. If the permit is approved by the EPA, it would increase the landfill’s allowable daily intake from 7,500 tons to 12,000 tons. Ohio’s largest landfill currently is approved to accept 10,000 tons of waste a day,

Clarifying that the Seneca County Board of Commissioners has no direct authority over the regulation of landfills, while also emphasizing the importance of timely action by the Ohio EPA, the Seneca County General Health District and all other regulatory authorities to ensure that the landfill is in substantial compliance with all state and federal rules and regulations,

Emphasizing the importance of the health and safety of all residents and committing to working closely with the necessary agencies to ensure that citizens are protected from harmful emissions and other hazards created by the landfill,

Reiterating the report presented by Chris Lund, Senior Vice President of Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, an international solid waste management consulting firm, during the May 30, 2022, Seneca County General Health District Board meeting,

Alarmed by the facts presented by Lund, including that Sulfur Dioxide emissions are still 20 times higher than what is expected at other compliant landfills across the state and that although there have been improvements, the landfill is still not compliant with the Clean Air Act. Lund reported that Sunny Farms Landfill was the sixth-largest source of Sulfur Dioxide emissions in the state, which is comparable to the last few uncontrolled coal fire plants in Ohio.

Further noting that Sulfur Dioxide emitted into the air has a permanent impact on the environment and that must be considered even when the landfill becomes compliant with the Clean Air Act,

Urges the Seneca County General Health District and the Ohio EPA to continue their diligence in intensively and consistently inspecting Sunny Farms Landfill to ensure compliance with consent orders and all state and federal rules and regulations with respect for the health and safety of Seneca County residents,

Respectfully requests that Win Waste Innovations rescind its Permit to Install Application until the company makes it abundantly clear that it can safely and adequately handle dust, odors and potentially toxic emissions at the same standard as all other waste management facilities across the state of Ohio,

Urges Win Waste Innovations to reconsider its expansion plans until Sunny Farms Landfill is in substantial compliance with the Clean Air Act and with all other state and federal rules and regulations,

Strongly opposes any expansion or growth at Sunny Farms Landfill before it is clearly demonstrated that emissions and potentially harmful health effects have been completely mitigated at the landfill’s current size,

Supports the Ohio EPA and Seneca County General Health District in holding Sunny Farms Landfill accountable to the standards of other landfills across the state, while also encouraging all regulatory entities to take any actions necessary to guarantee the health and safety of Seneca County residents,

Wholeheartedly encourages decision-makers to consider the recommendations and findings presented by Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, including the introduction of more controls and safeguards in place at Sunny Farms Landfill.

Further recommends that the Seneca County General Health District commit more funding and resources to environmental experts to ensure that Sunny Farms Landfill is compliant not only with existing consent orders, but also with all state and federal rules and regulations for waste management facilities.