Law Enforcement Appreciation: Sergeant David Pahl

January 9 was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. In honor of that, we wanted to learn a little more about a few people who work at the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office! Our first feature is on Sergeant David Pahl. Pahl has been with the sheriff’s office for 18 years.

1.) What is your name and what is your title at the sheriff’s office?

Sergeant David E. Pahl

Photo courtesy of The Advertiser-Tribune. Sgt. David Pahl escorts a woman to a courtroom.

2.) How long have you worked in the law enforcement field? 

I have been with the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office for eighteen (18) years, two (2) years in the Corrections Division and sixteen (16) years in the Warrants, Transports and Extraditions Division. I hold dual OPOTA certifications in both Corrections and Peace Officer.

3.) Explain some of your duties and jobs.

I oversee all warrant service, transportation of inmates/detainees and extradition matters for the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office. I also aid in the writing and implementation of policies and procedures for the office. Along with policies and procedures, I am tasked with the training of new staff within the Warrants and Transports Division.

4.) What is your favorite part of the job?

I thoroughly enjoy all aspects of my profession, specifically being able to put myself out in the public and aid in the building of relationships between the community and the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office.

5.) Why did you decide to have a career in law enforcement?

I have always had the drive to help others, especially in times of need. Growing up in a small farming community instilled values that aid me in helping to make a difference.