Meeting Release

Post-meeting release 5/18/23

Commissioners Honor TC Cheer Squad and Host CDBG Public Hearing

[Tiffin, OH – May 18, 2023] – The Seneca County Board of Commissioners recognized the Tiffin Columbian High School Cheer Squad and Head Coach Jami Hepp with a proclamation on Thursday morning.
Hepp was accompanied by four senior team members who shared their future plans after high school. With 28 years of coaching experience, Hepp, a Tiffin native, previously danced at The Ohio State University and coached alongside her mother, a middle school cheer coach for two decades. Hepp expressed her gratitude for the opportunity to give back to the community, providing dance and choreography expertise to numerous youths at no cost.
This year, the team achieved remarkable success by winning two state championships in the OASSA Cheer State Championship. The championships were earned in the Division 3 non-building (large) and Division 3 Game-day non-building categories. Hepp commended the team for their outstanding representation of Tiffin Columbian High School, highlighting their role as ambassadors and supporters of fellow athletes.
The commissioners extended their appreciation to Hepp, the seniors and the entire team, recognizing their exceptional achievements over the past few years. Hepp acknowledged the “extremely athletic” group of students, emphasizing their positive impact.
Also during the meeting, Charlene Watkins, Executive Director of the Seneca Regional Planning Commission, conducted the second public hearing for the Community Development Block Grant Program. The program allocates funds every two years for county projects. This year’s $158,000 allocation was proposed to be divided as follows:
* $102,700 for Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant improvements to Fostoria City Hall, including sidewalk enhancements
* $23,700 for homelessness prevention countywide (excluding Tiffin, as it has its own CDBG allocation)
* $31,600 for Fair Housing and administrative costs as mandated by program guidelines
Additionally, the commissioners approved the Community Development Implementation Strategy, which requires biennial approval and outlines prioritized community projects.
Furthermore, the commissioners discussed the progress made on constructing the first of several full-time Seneca County EMS stations. Commissioner Anthony Paradiso announced that the bidding process for the initial station in Bloom Township’s east side would commence during the next commissioners’ meeting on Tuesday, May 23rd, at 10 a.m.
In March 2022, the commissioners agreed to purchase approximately 3 acres of land on US 224 in Bloom Township for the project. The acquisition process, completed last summer, incurred a cost of approximately $52,500. In February of 2022, the board allocated up to $750,000 for the new EMS facility. The station will accommodate both paid and volunteer Seneca County EMS staff, enhancing emergency medical service coverage for county residents and those within the SCEMS coverage area. The joint ambulance district, which approved a 2.5-mill levy in November, collaborates closely with the county to deliver emergency medical services to rural areas lacking coverage from other agencies. The levy’s passage enables the JAD and SCEMS to employ additional paid personnel alongside existing staff and volunteers.
In other action, County Treasurer Paul Harrison provided the board with an update on the county’s investment income. While some investments are managed by Meder Investment Management, Harrison’s office oversees approximately $40 million of the county’s $93 million portfolio. Harrison shared that through consolidation and strategic planning, the monthly revenue from non-Meder investments is expected to rise from around $886 to $20,469.
The commissioners expressed gratitude to Harrison for the positive report and favorable news. Investment revenue, regulated by the state government, constitutes one of the six primary revenue sources for the County’s General Fund. The other five sources include Sales Tax, Real Estate Tax, Jail Housing Fees, Casino Revenue from the state, and the state’s Local Government Fund.
In new business, all budget adjustments and resolutions were approved, including scheduling a viewing and public hearing regarding the potential vacation of a bridge at the end of East TR 138 in Pleasant Township. The viewing is set for 9:15 a.m. on June 8th, followed by the hearing at 10:30 a.m. at the commissioners’ office located at 111 Madison St.