Pre-meeting release 12/12

Commissioners to discuss their schedule for rest of ’18, all of ’19
Also will hear from vet services office and will discuss possible voting equipment purchase

[Tiffin, OH Dec. 12, 2018] – Seneca County commissioners are to meet at 10 a.m. Thursday at their office, 111 Madison St.
In new business, the board is to discuss its remaining schedule for 2018 and its schedule and committee appointments for 2019. The board is expected to schedule a brief meeting for Dec. 27, for year-end tidying of budgets and last-minute appropriations.
Near the beginning of the meeting, staff members from the Seneca County Veteran Services Office are to give an update to the board, reflecting on the past year.
At about 10:15 a.m., Seneca County Board of Elections officials are expected to discuss the potential purchase of new voting machines.
The machines are an expense the county expects for 2019; commissioners set aside about $500,000 for the impending purchase. The state, which mandated the equipment upgrade, also is to contribute about $640,000 for the machines. The cost of the machines is not yet apparent, but it could be more than $1 million, plus annual maintenance fees. The board is expected to receive further clarification Thursday.
Also during new business, the commissioners are to talk about the Department of Job and Family Services lease. A change in utility payments is likely to be made. DJFS previously was paying for utilities for all offices in the building, but in the future, they will likely receive a cost allocation instead. The new arrangement would be consistent with other offices in the county.
At about 10:30 a.m., the county’s OSU extension office agricultural agent Hallie Williams is to update the commissioners on recent happenings.
Near the end of the meeting, the board is expected to enter into an executive session to discuss the potential sale of property.
During appropriations, the commissioners are to consider the following appropriations:
* A $2,891.34 supplemental appropriation to the Clerk of Courts Title Administrative Fund
* A $1,203 supplemental appropriation to the Allen Eiry Special Guardianship Fund
* A -$85,962.52 supplemental appropriation from the Soil and Water Fund
* A $243,107 fund advance repayment from the 2017 County Community Development Block Grant Fund back to the General Fund.
* A $7,200 fund advance repayment from the Impaired Driving Enforcement Program Fund back to the General Fund.
* A $5,000 fund advance repayment from the Selective Traffic Enforcement Program Fund back to the General Fund.
* A $3,000 fund advance repayment from the Mental Health Collaboration Program Fund back to the General Fund.
* The Housing Revolving Loan Fund Administration agreement between the state’s Development Services Agency and the county. If the deal is approved, it will be in place through 2021.

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