Roessner celebrates 30 years with clerk’s office

Roessner poses for a photo during her surprise party July 26.

Last week, Teresa Roessner was surprised with a party thrown by her co-workers to celebrate 30 years of service to her department.
Roessner works in the Title Department of the Seneca County Clerk’s Office.
County Clerk Jean Eckelberry said Roessner was hired as a deputy title clerk on July 26, 1989, by the county clerk at that time, Carol Cleveland. She continued to work under Mary Ward and Eckelberry. Roessner was promoted to Title Supervisor on March 1, 2001, and has held that position ever since.
Eckelberry said Roessner is the longest-tenured worker in the office, and she continues to be a great employee.
“She is kind, personable, honest, knowledgeable, always willing to learn, she has a wealth of experience, she is a strong communicator with co-workers and with the public and she is hard-working,” Eckelberry said.
Roessner is married and has one daughter and two grandchildren. She graduated from Tiffin Calvert High School and the Davis Junior College of Business in Toledo.
In her thirty years at the title office, Roessner has likely helped thousands of people, and for that, the Seneca County Board of Commissioners would like to thank her.
Commissioner Mike Kerschner said Roessner has been a long, faithful employee of the county who has made the county proud.
“She’s always a smiling face at the title office and helped to make it an enjoyable experience,” he said. “We wish her well as she continues her service.”
Eckelberry said Roessner is not retiring, and she looks forward to continuing to work with her.