Seneca County EMS and EMA to Host Open House


Seneca County EMS and EMA to Host Open House Aug. 26

Showcasing State-of-the-Art Equipment and Engaging with the Community

[Tiffin, OH – Aug. 16, 2023] – Seneca County EMS and Seneca County EMA personnel are to host an open house event later this month aimed at expressing gratitude to the community for its support.
The event is scheduled for Aug. 26 from 10:00 a.m.-2:00 p.m. at the Public Safety Building located at the Fairgrounds, 126 Hopewell Ave.
The open house provides a unique opportunity for residents of Seneca County to not only witness a display of cutting-edge equipment and training devices but also to personally meet and engage with the dedicated professionals who make up the EMS and EMA teams. The event underscores the commitment of Seneca County to providing top-tier emergency services and disaster management to its constituents.
“We received a lot of questions after our EMS Week postings on Facebook, and we discussed that many people in our community have an interest in the services and level of services Seneca County provides to our constituents,” said Seneca County Emergency Services Director Don Ballah. “Clearly, the overwhelming support for the (Seneca County Joint Ambulance District’s) tax levy we felt showed the constituents’ support for our efforts to provide important prehospital care. What better way to show our appreciation than to showcase our amazing staff and the state-of-the-art equipment that they use to provide high-quality care to those in need.”
Among the highlights of the open house will be the display of simulation manikins and devices that replicate various patient illnesses and injuries. Attendees will have the opportunity to interact with these training tools and gain insights into the training that EMS and EMA personnel undergo to provide exceptional care. CPR manikins and actual ambulance equipment will also be showcased in the training room.
The open house is designed to be an informal drop-in event, allowing attendees to explore the facility, interact with staff and tour the ambulances at their own pace. There will be no scheduled demonstrations; however, EMS and EMA personnel will be readily available to answer questions, provide insights and offer hands-on experiences with the equipment. The event will also feature refreshments, including hot dogs, creating a welcoming atmosphere for community members to connect with their local emergency services providers.
Don’t miss this opportunity to learn about the invaluable work of Seneca County EMS and EMA while enjoying a day of community engagement and exploration of life-saving equipment.
“I am thrilled to witness the Seneca County EMS and EMA teams opening their doors to the community in this unique way. This open house exemplifies the strong bond between our dedicated emergency responders and the residents they serve,” said County Commissioner Anthony Paradiso. “We look forward to this opportunity for residents to engage with the heroes who stand ready to protect us in times of need.”
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