Shopping with the Commissioners: Shopping with Mike

Commissioner Mike Kerschner in his holiday garb.

For this week’s Shopping with the Commissioners feature, Commissioner Mike Kerschner wants to remind county residents of the great local options available for those who are grabbing last-minute gifts for family and friends.

It’s fun to be able to go downtown or go out in the county and buy something locally.

What an opportunity to get a variety of gift cards that we never had before. A great restaurant, a wonderful store that has specifically Tiffin and Seneca County merchandise. A gift card to a coffee shop, a restaurant, any kind of restaurant you can think of. A $5 a meal or a $50 a meal gift card, it’s an opportunity we’ve had very seldom before. We need to appreciate the variety of options we have that we didn’t use to.

Those are all good things.

Why, would you buy outside of town? If you’re going to buy your family member a gift card to a restaurant, why buy anything other than in Tiffin or Seneca County?

Also, you have great entertainment options, such as gift cards to the Ritz Theatre.

We also have specialty stores with glassware and personalized engraving. There are so many options available locally.

It didn’t use to be the case, but you can find any Christmas item you want at local businesses. There are a whole lot more opportunities here to purchase Christmas gifts than there ever has been before across the spectrum.

Shop local as you pick up your last-minute gifts this holiday season!