Meeting Release

Post-meeting release 9/8/22

Commissioners thank County Administrator for 16 years of service during final board session

[Tiffin, OH — Sept. 8, 2022] — The Seneca County Board of Commissioners took ample time during a board session Thursday morning to thank County Administrator Stacy Wilson for her service to the county during her final meeting.
Commissioner Mike Kerscher, who has worked with Wilson since he took office in 2015, congratulated Wilson.
Kerschner broke down the numbers, which meant Wilson spent about 5,840 days in the position. He said if there was one meeting per week on average, that means she took part in 832 meetings.
He said Wilson worked closely with 11 commissioners in her tenure.
“You’re one of the finest people I know and one of the best executives I know,” Kerschner said.
Commissioner Tyler Shuff, who has worked with Wilson since he took office in 2021, said that Wilson always seems to have the answers to any county-related questions he has, and she has them at a moment’s notice.
“You’re going to be missed,” he said to Wilson. “Thank you for your service to the county.”
Commissioner Anthony Paradiso, who has worked with Wilson since August of 2019, said he was happy for Wilson and thankful for having the chance to work with her.
“I’m happy for you and I’m happy for the county. I wish you well,” he said. “I’m a better commissioner today because of you.”
Wilson announced that she is taking a job with the Seneca County Juvenile/Probate Court and the Seneca County Youth Center as a court administrator under Judge Jay Meyer.
“Thank you for all the years I’ve worked with all of you,” Wilson said. “The elected officials and department heads, I’ve enjoyed working with all of you.”
Wilson said she’s excited for new challenges through this new opportunity.
“I’m honored to go over and work for Judge Meyer,” she said.
In other action, Wilson updated the commissioners on the General Fund financial report through August. In August, revenue was about $2.8 million, with expenses reported at about $1.3 million.
Year to date through August, revenue was reported at about $14.8 million with expenses at about $14.2 million. Wilson noted that the expense figure is inflated due to the movement of General Fund money into the Capital Improvement Fund for larger projects. That number would be much lower if officials considered only operational expenses out of the General Fund.
In other business, the commissioners agreed to fund a new truck for the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office. This new vehicle is to replace a cruiser that was totaled in a car accident last year.
The commissioners previously said they would not approve any supplemental budget requests but allowed an exception due to the circumstances of this situation.
Kerschner suggested that this new vehicle should be subtracted from the number of vehicles in the 2023 budget for the sheriff’s office. In a typical year, the sheriff’s office vehicle replacement schedule allows for two new vehicles for the fleet. Given this, the truck purchased this year will count against next year’s allotment, meaning only one would be included in the budget for next year.
The cost for the new vehicle is about $35,000, with an additional $20,000 included for equipment. An insurance claim from the totaled vehicle is to provide about $8,000 toward this purchase, in addition to $2,400 from other junked cruisers.
In new business, the board approved all appropriations and resolutions from the pre-meeting release.