Meeting Release

Pre-meeting release 10/15

Commissioners to hear update on bus transit plan, OSU extension ag agent
The board also to hear about Attica event and make a decision on landfill fees

[Tiffin, OH Oct. 15, 2018] – Seneca County commissioners are to meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the Loudon Township house, 9970 W. TR 112, in Fostoria.
The board is to hear an update on the county’s bus transit plan from Seneca Regional Planning Commission Executive Director Charlene Watkins. The plan is about 80-percent funded by reimbursement grants from the Ohio Department of Transportation. The total cost of the plan is expected to be about $30,000.
The plan, which was launched in June, is ongoing and is expected to take 6-12 months. It is considered the second phase of a bus route plan for the county. The first phase, which examined the feasibility of a bus transit plan, was completed by Heidelberg University in 2015.
The plan is to establish the timing of routes, how many buses are needed, the cost of operation and how to establish routes.
In December, the commissioners allocated about $5,000 to fund the plan, while several other sources also pitched in.
In other business, the commissioners are to give an update on the county’s Ohio State University extension agriculture agent program.
In March, the board was introduced to a proposal to add a full-time agent for the county.
The position is to focus on many aspects of helping farmers in the county, including through educational programs, research, community development and connecting growers to markets.
Seneca County has not had a full-time ag agent for about seven years.
In other action, the commissioners are to invite the public to a Thursday evening event in Attica to celebrate and thank those involved with the demolition of the former Attica Eagles building. The Seneca County Land Bank, Sutton Bank and several others played a key role in bringing down the building. The event is Thursday at 5:30 p.m. at the former building site.
Also during the meeting, the commissioners are expected to make a decision on a request made by a Sunny Farms Landfill representative last week.
Ben Nutter, of Sunny Farms Landfill, asked the county to waive a quarterly charge because the landfill was not currently using a pipeline connected to the county’s system.
He said the landfill typically uses the line, but because of changes in how the plant operates, the company has not been using it. The company plans to use the line again in the future after operational changes are made, but they don’t want to be charged for the service while not using it.
The landfill currently owes about $15,101 in overdue payments from this year. Nutter said the landfill will make those payments.

During appropriations the board will consider:
* A $16,129 supplemental appropriation to the Targeted Community Alternatives to Prison Fund.
* A $4,200 supplemental appropriation to the Seneca County Sewer District Improvements Fund.
* A $5,804.06 supplemental appropriation for a note interest payment.