Meeting Release

Pre-meeting release for 2/27 session

Commissioners to hear from CCAO energy program representative
Also to open bids for two projects, hear from Seneca Conservation District head

[Tiffin, OH Feb. 26, 2020] – The Seneca County Board of Commissioners is to meet at 10 a.m. Thursday at its office, 111 Madison St.
Amy Hoffman, of Palmer Energy, is to address the board at about 10 a.m.
Palmer Energy partners with the County Commissioners Association of Ohio to help manage a natural gas and electric program for member counties. Seneca County has opted into this program, which is designed to help save money on natural gas and electric bills by using the strength of group buying. By joining together, counties can leverage their buying power when shopping the market, thus securing the best possible deals.
In other action, Seneca Conservation District Team Leader Beth Diesch is to provide an update from her agency.
Also during the meeting, the board will open bids for a 64-passenger school bus on behalf of the Seneca County Opportunity Center and for a one-year lease on county-owned agricultural land in Eden Township. In April of last year, the roughly 147 acres of farmland was leased for $225 an acre for one year.
In old business, the commissioners are to receive an updated list of capital projects from County Administrator Stacy Wilson. The list will include many different potential projects that need funding. The list aims to make it easier for the commissioners to prioritize and plan future funding priorities.
Other business is to include a continued discussion on language in the comprehensive plan and discussion about the sewer district agreement, in which Seneca Regional Planning Commission handles sewer administration.
In new business, a representative from Ohio Stands United is expected to address the board.
Ohio Stands United is a group that works to preserve and defend the Bill of Rights as enumerated in the Ohio and United States Constitution. According to its website, the group educates and trains citizens to be effective communicators, both knowledgeable in public policy and in organizing efforts, to safeguard the principles and ideals of our founding documents.

Also, the commissioners are to consider the following resolutions:
* A $30,000 supplemental appropriation to the Ditch Maintenance Fund for equipment.
* A $5,000 supplemental appropriation to the Special Projects Fund for a contract service.
* A $345,797.57 supplemental appropriation to the General Fund for contract services.
* A fund transfer to the Public Assistance Fund of $32,723.86.
* A fund transfer from the Local Government Fund Alternate Formula to the Ambulance Service Fund of $320,000.
* A fund transfer from the Local Government Fund Alternate Formula to the EMA Fund of $70,000.
* A fund transfer to the Justice Center Operating Fund of $132,000.
* An $84,000 fund transfer to the Bond Retirement Fund.
* Establishing the Federal Equitable Sharing Fund.
* Authorizing the Auditor’s Office to transfer all reimbursable expenses to the Public Assistance Fund.
* Setting time, date and place to receive bids for two, eight-passenger, four-wheelchair vans for the opportunity center.
* Appointing Erin Sehlhorst to the Seneca County Board on behalf of the opportunity center.