Meeting Release

Pre-meeting release for 6/20 session

Commissioners to look toward the future of the county Thursday
Facilities master plan and joint countywide comprehensive plan on the agenda

[Tiffin, OH June 18, 2019] – The Seneca County Board of Commissioners is to meet at 9:30 a.m. Thursday for a work session, at its office 111 Madison St., followed by a regular meeting at 10:30 a.m.
Two plans are to be the major discussion points during the work session and the regular meeting.
The board will begin the work session by receiving an update on the facilities master plan from Gossman Group. Gossman has taken on the plan, which is to map out the future of all county-owned buildings. The board also will have the opportunity to give feedback on the plan.
In January, the company’s estimated cost for the plan was about $72,500-$89,500.
Later, during the work session, the commissioners are to submit feedback on potential strategies for the countywide joint comprehensive plan.
Development of the plan kicked off in March 2018 and includes the commissioners, the city of Tiffin, Fostoria Economic Development Corp., Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership and the Seneca County Park District.
The roughly $120,000 plan is to include strategies for housing, commercial and industrial development, education, transportation, parks and recreation, and arts and culture for the next 20 years.
CT Consultants is the contractor that is designing the plan, which is expected to be complete later this year.
Thursday’s session will be dedicated to tweaking and adjusting potential strategies that were laid out in an earlier draft of the plan.
The commissioners have committed to the two plans because of a belief in the importance of carefully and strategically planning for the future.
“If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will get you there,” Commissioner Mike Kerschner said.
Kerschner added that planning is especially important when multiple entities are involved, so strategies can be devised to work together to improve the overall community. He also said it is important to set specific action steps to stay on task, so entities follow through with plans and can evaluate progress.
In other business, the commissioners are to discuss the impact of large amounts of rainfall on county agricultural production.
According to information from the Ohio Farm Bureau, the latest crop progress numbers for Ohio show only half of the state’s corn planted and just over 30% of soybeans sowed.
Seneca County officials are working to figure out just how badly the weather has affected farmers locally, and it is possible the county could request a disaster declaration from the US Department of Agriculture.
In other action, Mike Ditto and Ray Yonkura are to visit the board to discuss lobbying. The commissioners also are to host a joint ditch hearing with Huron County, and will hold an executive session near the end of the meeting regarding potential litigation and employee compensation.

During resolutions, the commissioners are to consider:
* A $96.72 supplemental appropriation to the General Fund for other expenses.
* A technical/specialized consulting agreement with Local Government Services LLC on behalf of the Seneca County Auditor.
* Recommending designation of the Emergency Planning Committee.
* Entering into a contract with DLZ Architectural Services for the County Services Building project.