Seneca County Auditor Announces Changes in Property Values

Auditor Julie A. Adkins explains tax changes

TIFFIN – After three years of robust property sales, inflation and the passage of new levies, Seneca County Auditor Julie A. Adkins reports an overall increase in property values, resulting in higher property taxes due to the State Mandated 2023 Revaluation Property Value update.

The increase in property values is primarily attributed to real estate prices over the last three years and new levies passed by voters in 2023. Auditor Adkins believes most new property values are below what the majority could sell their parcels for in the current market.

Seneca County experienced record growth in the real estate market and inflation, resulting in larger-than-anticipated increases. While property owners may be surprised by the extent of the increase in property values, the tax calculation adjusts for many levies to ensure they collect only the amount originally voted to receive. However, not all levies are eligible for this adjustment, contributing to increases seen on the upcoming tax bill.

Real Estate taxes are calculated based on all the levies approved by voters in your tax district, along with 10 mills established by law to support local schools, townships, villages and county departments. The calculation involves multiplying your district’s mills by only 35% of your property value to determine gross property taxes. Some credits are then subtracted from that to reach your net bill.

Auditor Adkins attributes this increase to the 20 Mill Floor guarantee, ensuring every school district receives at least 20 Mills or $20 per $1,000 of value in property tax revenue.

Property owners can access their tax charges on the County Auditor’s website, along with other tax-related information such as tax distribution, tax summary and property records. The first-half charge of property taxes is due by February 16th.

Auditor Adkins encourages property owners to explore the Auditor’s website, which provides detailed information on the 2023 Revaluation Property Value update and tools for residents to learn more, including possible tax credits.

The certification of taxes to the Treasurer’s Office initiates the Board of Revision (BOR) complaint process. Property owners have until March 31st (extended to April 1st this year) to file a property value complaint with the Auditor’s Office. Refer to the Board of Revision section on the website to educate yourself regarding this process.

Residents can contact County Auditor Julie A. Adkins at 419-447-0692, or for questions or more information on tax credits available to seniors.

The Seneca County Auditor’s Office is committed to providing transparent, accurate and efficient financial services to the citizens of Seneca County.