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Post-meeting Release

Pressley Buurma talks about programs to benefit farmers at Seneca County Commissioners’ meeting

By Sheri Trusty, Seneca County Media Relations Coordinator

Pressley Buurma, an Agriculture and Natural Resources Educator with OSU Extension, was a guest at the Jan. 18 Seneca County Commissioners’ meeting, where she gave updates about recent training she completed to help her serve area residents even better. Buurma attended Ohio Produce Network training that equipped her to help farmers market their produce to consumers.

OSU Extension Educator Pressley Buurma talks to the Seneca County Commissioners on Jan. 18 about training she recently completed that will allow her to assist local farmers.

“I’ll talk to farmers about what to do with the produce they grow, whether they want to sell it at roadside stands, at farmers markets or commercially,” she said.

Buurma also attended training that helped her create a program that allows her to offer farm analysis services to local farmers. She can provide whole farm analysis, or she can provide analysis services for elements of farm production, such as budgeting or cashflow.

“This is a great service to the community,” Commissioner Anthony Paradiso said.

Construction is underway on EMS Station #1, and, during the commissioners’ meeting, Michael Work of RCM Architects opened bids for EMS Station #2. Five bids were submitted.

Commissioner Paradiso said the commissioners will send a letter of inquiry to North Central Electric Cooperative regarding an interest-free loan opportunity through the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Rural Economic Development Loan and Grant Program that would help fund new EMS building construction.

Commissioner Bill Frankart announced that the Seneca County Auditor’s Office will host a one-day dog license purchasing event in Fostoria on Jan. 19, weather permitting. The event is scheduled for 11 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. at the Fostoria Learning Center located at 342 Perry St. in Fostoria. Only cash or check will be accepted. Auditor Julie Adkins will announce in the morning of Jan. 19 if the event is canceled due to inclement weather.

The commissioners had a busy week of work for the county. During his commissioner’s report, Commissioner Tyler Shuff said he and Seneca County Administrator Barb Patterson reviewed preliminary architectural drawings on updates to the RTA building, and, among other events, Commissioner Shuff attended a Seneca County Young Professionals meeting.

During the activities in his full week, Commissioner Frankart talked with USDA representatives about the project to convert the Advertiser-Tribune building into the county ag building. Patterson also attended the meeting, where the two received preliminary information on USDA regulations regarding the project.

Commissioner Paradiso said the Seneca County Airport is working on its 10-year plan in conjunction with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT). The plan includes a feasibility study on a possible runway expansion.

“Ohio has more little airports than most states,” Paradiso said. “ODOT is committed to sustaining these little airports.”

Patterson announced that Seneca County EMA Administrator John Spahr said the county received a state homeland security grant that will fund an assessment of cyber security.

“This is at no cost to us,” Patterson said.