Candidates Night 2023 gives voice to local candidates

The face of Tiffin politics to change in the new year

By Sheri Trusty

Candidates Night 2023, held at Tiffin Middle School on Oct. 18, offered local candidates the opportunity to connect with voters, share their credentials, and vie for support. The event was hosted by The League of Women Voters of the Tiffin Area.

Seneca County Commissioner Bill Frankart attended the event, which featured candidates running for Tiffin Mayor, Tiffin Law Director and Tiffin City Council, as well as candidates vying for school board seats in the Tiffin City Schools, Mohawk and Hopewell-Loudon school districts.

Candidates fielded a number of questions, including queries from the physical and online audiences, on topics ranging from the future of Tiffin’s economy to their opinions on the city’s greatest strengths. They shared their visions of the city’s future and explained how they could bring those visions to fruition.

A recurring theme throughout the night was the reality that the face of Tiffin politics will look drastically different on Jan. 1. Because so few incumbents are running for city offices, Tiffin will head into the new year led by a fresh group of leaders who have a lot to learn about their positions. Frankart said the Seneca County Commissioners are ready to support the city through the transition.

“We’ll continue our collaborative efforts with the city of Tiffin,” Frankart said.

Candidates Night 2023 was held at Tiffin Middle School on Oct. 18.