Commissioners Unveil Bicentennial Logo and Approve Funds for Celebrations in 2024

Commissioners Unveil Bicentennial Logo and Approve Funds for Celebrations in 2024

[Tiffin, OH – Aug. 4, 2023] – The Seneca County Commissioners, in collaboration with the Seneca County Bicentennial Committee, were thrilled to announce the unveiling of the official Bicentennial logo during Thursday morning’s board session. The logo, featuring an hourglass, symbolizes the theme “standing the test of time,” reflecting the community’s enduring spirit and love for Seneca County.

Seneca County, officially organized on April 1, 1824, is approaching its historic 200th birthday, and the Bicentennial Committee has been diligently planning events to commemorate this significant milestone. Members of the committee, including Seneca County Museum Director Theresa Sullivan and Marisa Stephens from Destination Seneca County, were inspired by the hourglass symbol being used in ads of local businesses in newspapers during the sesquicentennial and decided to incorporate this into the Bicentennial logo.

“We want all of Seneca County to come together to celebrate and promote our community during this momentous occasion,” said Theresa Sullivan, Director of the Seneca County Museum. “The Bicentennial presents an excellent opportunity to collaborate and combine events with people and organizations from across the county.”

The Bicentennial Committee envisions hosting village festivals and events throughout the county as perfect opportunities to celebrate the community’s 200th anniversary. An exciting lineup of events is being planned, including a kickoff event on April 1st, 2024, at the Seneca County Justice Center, featuring distinguished speakers and proclamations from local governments.

To support the celebrations, the commissioners allocated $10,000 in funding Thursday morning. These funds will be used for marketing, supplies and events. Additionally, a special fund will be created to assist villages, townships, businesses and other organizations in making their events Bicentennial themed. Those interested in applying for funding can find more information through the application available at Destination Seneca County.

“We encourage all our citizens to join in and add a Bicentennial flair to their traditional events next year,” said Marisa Stephens of Destination Seneca County. “We want to create a sense of community for everyone and celebrate our shared history.”

A driving tour is also being organized, showcasing historically significant sites across the county. Dr. Roy Zinn, a member of the Bicentennial Committee, revealed details of the “Historic Secrets of Seneca County Driving Tour,” allowing community members to visit sites in each of the county’s 15 townships and learn more about the county’s rich history.

Additionally, the Tiffin Community Foundation plans to offer grant funding opportunities to community organizations and local governments seeking support for their Bicentennial-themed events.

In addition to the county’s Bicentennial celebrations, Destination Seneca County officials are preparing for the rare total solar eclipse that will grace the region on April 8th, 2024. Seneca County will be in the path of totality, with the centerline passing directly over Bloomville. The last total solar eclipse visible in Ohio was in 1806. This once-in-a-lifetime event presents a unique and spectacular opportunity for residents and visitors alike to witness the awe-inspiring phenomenon.

For more information about the Seneca County Bicentennial and the exciting events planned for 2024, please visit:


“Join us as we come together to celebrate the rich history and vibrant future of Seneca County during the Bicentennial,” said Commissioner Tyler Shuff.