Emergency notification system launched in the county

Seneca County officials tout new emergency notification system

With severe weather possible in the future, county urging residents to use free service

[Tiffin, OH Aug. 31, 2018] – Seneca County Emergency Services Director Ken Majors said about 1,700 people have signed up for the Wireless Emergency Notification System, but he hopes many more take advantage of the free service. WENS, which was launched by the county, Tiffin and Fostoria in June, provides emergency alerts to residents all across Seneca County. The alerts could include information about severe weather, snow level emergencies and road closings or detours. It takes just a few minutes to register.

“It’s important to note that this is a free service provided by the county and both cities in a collaborative effort,” Majors said.

Majors said alerts can be sent via text, e-mail or voice message. He urged people to sign up their elderly family members or friends without internet. These people could still receive phone calls to landlines and it could help them during an emergency. National Weather Service emergency alerts will be sent to those who join the program, but other optional alerts also can be received including messages about community events and information regarding the county fairgrounds. To sign up for the program, residents can text SenecaAlerts! to 69310 or can visit this website. Those who register via text will receive emergency information only, while residents can choose which alerts they would like to receive through the online link. The website also allows users to give information about disabilities or special needs they have that could be utilized by emergency services personnel during a disaster. Majors said if people have issues with the system or want to change which alerts they receive, they can call his office (419) 447-0266.

“This is a free service the cities and county provide,” he said. “It behooves people to use it. I don’t see why you wouldn’t register for it.”

Majors hopes people take advantage of the service because having timely information during a disaster could save someone’s life.

“Take advantage of the free notifications, you never know when it will provide an important piece of information,” he said.

Commissioner Shayne Thomas said he hopes more people register for the service.

“It’s a way to get important and accurate information directly from the source,” he said.