Green Springs joins Seneca County EMS

Seneca County Commissioners welcome Green Springs to Seneca County EMS

By Sheri Trusty, Seneca County Media Relations Coordinator


The Seneca County Commissioners welcomed the New Year by welcoming Green Springs, Adams Township and Pleasant Township to Seneca County EMS. The village and townships became a part of the joint EMS district on Jan. 1.

Celebrating Green Springs’ transition to Seneca County EMS are: back row, from left, Seneca County Commissioner Bill Frankart, Seneca County Commissioner Tony Paradiso, Don Ballah, Pat Rogers and Diane Tuttamore. In the front row are, from left, Natalie Otto, Lynne Love and Kevin Kozel.

“Seneca County EMS continues to expand as planned. As we begin year two of our partnership with the newly formed, joint EMS district, we want to welcome Green Springs, Adams Township and Pleasant Township to our system,” said Seneca County Commissioner Tony Paradiso.

The joint EMS district will open the door for more expedient EMS service throughout the county.

“We are looking forward to the new transition and to continuing the competent, comprehensive service the district is known for,” said Seneca County Commissioner Bill Frankart.