Meet the Seneca County EMS Team: Becky McCann

Becky was born & raised in Bloomville & was a staple with Bloomville EMS, as a Volunteer for many years, before becoming part of our 1st FT EMS unit to hit the streets, the beginning of April 2021; covering the East side of the county. Becky’s drive to become an EMT came, when she lost her brother in 1978. She & her family were very touched by all of the support & kindness they were shown, by everyone who responded that morning. It was then, she decided, she wanted to give back to the community, who were so supportive then, to give that same kind of kindness & support to others. “It has been an honor & a privilege to give back to the community I grew up in & the surrounding communities/townships, as a volunteer & now part of the FT EMS unit.” Becky comes from a medical family, with her Grandmother & Mother Nurses & Becky herself was a Nurse, then got her Advanced EMT certification. When burnout hit in Nursing, Becky said, “being an EMT has always fulfilled the part of me that loved Nursing…pt contact & hands on care.” While employed @ Heidelberg University, Becky’s supervisors would call Becky if a co-worker was injured or having a problem. It was then brought to the attention of administration her EMS status & she was asked to be a part of the campus First Response Team. Becky was honored to accept & explained; “being a First Responder, be it a volunteer or as a career, isn’t something you can turn on & off like a light switch; when someone needs help, you help.”
When Becky was approached, by more than one person, to be a part of the FT EMS program, it meant she could give more time to what she had a passion for, instead of working a FT job & only being able to volunteer so much time to, as she had been doing all of those years. It was a transition, going from being a volunteer, to now being an EMT as her FT job, but she has said, “It’s been a blessing & an honor to be a part of something long overdue, that has been discussed many times, through the years, to better serve our residents of Seneca County, due to the decline in volunteerism. It’s the future of EMS & all of the outstanding young EMT’s & Medics you’re being introduced to on the Seneca County EMS page, are very competent & skilled people, who also are dedicated to making this organization something everyone can be proud of & comfortable calling on for help, in your time of need. The future is secure & bright, with all of the young talent coming into Seneca County EMS with the same caring & compassion our residents have gotten all these years.” Becky wanted to thank the residents of Seneca County for all of their support, through the years, & more recently in accepting the FT EMS program. “Support from your communities & the county mean a lot to those doing what they love to do most…helping friends, neighbors, our communities & residents of Seneca County. Thank you for all of the years of support, especially those I’ve served the most on the East side of the county. No offense, but I hope I don’t ever have to see you in the back of our squad.”