Museum Advisory Board Poster Contest Winners Announced

The winners of the Seneca County Museum Advisory Board’s 2018 poster contest have been announced.
The contest was for Seneca County students in grades 3-8. Participants are to receive a county museum t-shirt and the best entries from each age group (3rd and 4th grade, 5th and 6th grade, and 7th and 8th grade) will take home cash prizes of $250, $100 or $50.
The posters depict events/people from the past, present and future in the county.
The awards will be presented at the museum during the Christmas Open House at 1 p.m. on Dec. 1. All are welcome to attend the open house.
We would like to thank all who participated, including the 121 participants. Eight judges voted on the top entries. The judges were Jessica Wirth, of Bailiwicks Coffee Company, Seneca County Commissioner Mike Kerschner, Mark Steinmetz and Tonia Hoffert from the museum, County Assistant Administrator Kylie Garner, Seneca Regional Chamber of Commerce President John Detwiler and Fran Fleet and Chuck Christensen from the museum advisory board. Entries were judged on their originality, research, design and adherence to contest rules. 

The winners are as follows (all entries are included at the bottom of the post):

3rd and 4th grade division:

Dotson’s entry

1st place ($250 prize): Olivia Dotson, of Noble



2nd place ($100 prize): Aubrey Gottfried, of Mohawk



3rd place ($50 prize): Grace Tackett, of Old Fort


5th and 6th grade division:

Kidwell’s entry

1st place ($250 prize): Vincent Kidwell, of Tiffin Middle School



2nd place ($100 prize): Brooklyn Riggs, of Noble



3rd place ($50 prize): Caden Elchert, of Tiffin Middle School



7th and 8th grade division:

Kaiser’s entry

1st place ($250 prize): Livyana Kaiser, of Seneca East



2nd place ($100 prize): Tori Losey, of Hopewell-Loudon



3rd place ($50 prize): Alexis Margraf, of Seneca East


Gottfried’s entry
Tackett’s entry
Riggs’ entry
Elchert’s entry
Losey’s entry
Margraf’s entry