Ohio Dollar General Settlement Benefits Local Food Pantries

Seneca County Auditor Julie A. Adkins announces recipients of settlement funds

In a landmark settlement reached in 2023, Dollar General faced legal action for pricing discrepancies found by Ohio county auditors and weights and measures inspectors. The investigation revealed pricing errors ranging from 16% to 88% at individual stores, well above the 2% error rate allowed by Ohio law. A lawsuit by Attorney General David Yost led to a $1 million settlement, with $750,000 allocated to the Attorney General’s Office and $250,000 covering penalties and investigative costs. Despite Dollar General admitting no wrongdoing, the settlement mandates improved pricing practices.

Under the terms of the settlement, Dollar General committed to maintaining updated shelf prices, honoring the displayed price for customers, and rectifying pricing errors within 24 hours. District Managers are required to conduct random price checks no less than every 45 days.

Of the $750,000 going to the Attorney General’s Office, Yost has ingeniously delegated the funds to county-level food pantries. Each county auditor was asked to choose a local food pantry to receive a share of the settlement money. This distribution ensures that communities impacted by Dollar General’s pricing discrepancies directly benefit from the settlement.

In Seneca County, Auditor Julie A. Adkins selected Pantry Plus of Seneca County and FISH of Tiffin, Inc. to receive the $4,968.03 allocated to the county. Adkins emphasized the importance of supporting local food pantries, especially in times of increased need.

Adkins praised the collaborative efforts of county auditors and the Attorney General’s Office in holding corporations accountable for fair pricing practices. They emphasized the vital role of weights and measures inspectors in ensuring transparency and protecting consumers.

This innovative approach by Yost not only holds corporations accountable but also channels settlement funds directly to communities in need, reinforcing the commitment to consumer welfare and community support.