Meeting Release

Post-meeting release 12/13/22

Commissioners discuss financial request from Auditor’s Office

[Tiffin, OH – Dec. 13, 2022] – The Seneca County Board of Commissioners met with Seneca County Auditor Julie Adkins Thursday to consider a General Fund financial request from her office.
County Fiscal Officer Barb Patterson said the county received an opinion from the Prosecutor’s Office that per the Ohio Revised Code, the Auditor’s Office is entitled to as much as 15 percent of the anticipated revenue generated through the sale of dog licenses. The rest of the funding goes to the Dog and Kennel Fund and is used by the Seneca County Dog Warden’s Office.
Adkins said that 15 percent is expected to be about $24,472.50 for 2023. On Thursday, Adkins asked for $22,000 more to help cover the increasing expenses of administering the sale of the dog licenses.
Dog Warden Kelly Marker said total revenue for her office was about $161,000 in 2021, while expenses were about $179,000, including all money used by the auditor’s office to administer the dog licensing process.
In past years, the auditor’s office had incorrectly been using a larger percentage of funding due to a misunderstanding of the ORC.
The commissioners discussed several options in moving forward, but each agreed to spend the next two weeks further researching the issue and seeing how other counties handle the issue before aiming to make a decision on the funding request during the Dec. 27 meeting.
In other action, Patterson updated the commissioners on General Fund finances through November. She said General Fund revenue for the month of November was about $1.7 million, while expenses were about $1.5 million.
In other discussion, Old Fort Local Schools Board Member April Hull addressed the board and asked them to consider working with the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office to provide a School Resource Officer.
On Dec. 6, the Seneca County Sheriff’s Office received a call of a student bringing a handgun to school at the Old Fort High School, 7635 N. County Road 51, Tiffin, Ohio.
Upon the Deputy’s arrival, it was reported that school officials received information of a 14-year-old student who had brought a gun to school.
Upon receiving the information, school officials were able to locate the gun and secure it until Deputies arrived. No one was injured during the incident.
Deputies charged the 14-year-old student with Improper Conveyance of a Firearm onto school property and Inducing Panic.
Hull said the school board is not asking the county for funding but asked the commissioners to do what they can to help protect students.
An information-gathering meeting was scheduled between the sheriff’s office, commissioners and school officials, and the commissioners are expected to provide an update in the next couple of weeks.
In new business, the board approved all new business from the meeting agenda.