Meeting Release

Post-meeting release 8/15

Commissioners change intervention status to oppose wind turbine projects

[Tiffin, OH August 15, 2019] – The Seneca County Board of Commissioners agreed to change its intervention status for the Republic Wind Project to against Thursday morning.
The board’s previous stance was as an interested party. The commissioners also agreed to release its current legal counsel for the wind projects.
The resolution, which was proposed by Commissioner Anthony Paradiso and was approved by a vote of 2-1, states that the county will “withdraw all previous support of the Seneca Wind, Republic Wind or any proposed wind turbine projects to the maximum extent allowed by law.”
The resolution supplements and amends Resolution 19-73, which was approved in March and had officially sunset the Alternative Energy Zone on June 30.
Any information that was not modified in the new resolution is to remain as the position of record for the county.
The new resolution states that the commissioners are “in support of public safety by requesting longer setbacks than current law allows.”
It also continues to stress the importance of protecting the Seneca County Airport and addresses concerns with any wind turbines within one mile of any K-12 county schools, because it could cause risk or distraction.
The new policy also states that the commissioners “intend to retain new counsel, if and when necessary, to advise and collaborate with the Seneca County Prosecutor in the formal intervention process for all wind projects, and to oppose the construction of the Seneca Wind, Republic Wind and any other similar proposed projects to the fullest extent possible.”
The resolution that was approved Thursday can be viewed on our website,
In other action, John Recker of AEP Ohio and Charlene Watkins, Seneca Regional Planning Commission executive director, explained a grant opportunity to the board that could provide electric car charging stations in the county. The board heard the presentation and agreed to do more research before deciding if it should move forward with the opportunity.
In other business, the commissioners received one bid of $96,272 for a 64-passenger bus for the Seneca County Opportunity Center. The bid was from Rush Bus Centers, of Lima. The bid also included some alternate options to be considered.

During new business, the board approved:
* A $2,250 supplemental appropriation to the Public Assistance Fund for H.S.A.
* A $100,488.10 fund transfer to the Public Assistance Fund.
* An $85,809.22 fund transfer to the Public Assistance Fund.
* A $57,389.57 fund transfer to the Public Assistance Fund.
* Amending previous orders from January to designate an official representative and alternative from the board to vote at the annual meeting of the County Commissioners Association of Ohio.
* An agreement for the Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Subsidy Grant for Justice Reinvestment and Incentive Grant (JRIG) funding. The grant is to provide $45,480 for each of the next two fiscal years.