Pre-meeting release 11/19

Commissioners to hold a work session to consider Capital Budget
Board also expected to vote on the General Fund budget for 2019

[Tiffin, OH Nov. 19, 2018] – Seneca County Board of Commissioners is to meet at 9 a.m. Tuesday at its office, 111 Madison St., for a work session followed by a regular meeting at 10.
The work session is dedicated to considering capital projects. John Logsdon, Seneca County Building and Grounds Maintenance Supervisor, will introduce a list of capital projects that need to be completed.
All county departments were asked to submit a capital projects wish list to help for long-term planning of maintenance and upkeep.
No decisions are expected to be made during the work session, but the list will be considered and will help the board in planning and prioritizing future capital projects.
During the regular meeting, the county is expected to discuss the 2019 General Fund budget and a vote is possible for the approval of the document.
The county’s budget commission certified $17.8 million in revenue for next year. Current expenditure estimates are about $17.4 million. That estimate includes three-percent raises for county employees. The commissioners still must make a decision on several other points, including how much to invest in economic development services through Tiffin-Seneca Economic Partnership and Fostoria Economic Development Corp.
Discussion on the Alternative Energy Zone, which was established in Seneca County in 2011 and helps to make alternative energy projects more economically feasible in the county, is also on the agenda.
Other topics to be discussed include the Ottawa-Sandusky-Seneca Solid Waste District, a pool of about $50,000 that is available to the county through a waste district program and an update on a memorandum of understanding regarding the future of downtown buildings. The board also is to discuss the feasibility of having electric vehicle charging stations in the county. There is grant funding available for the project.
During appropriations, the board is to consider:
* A $114 and a $1,000 supplemental appropriation on behalf of the sheriff’s office for JMHC planning and for training.
* Authorizing a contract amendment with Patchworks House on behalf of the county’s department of job and family services.
* Contracts with the Crawford County commissioners, Huron County commissioners and Wyandot County commissioners for the receipt, custody and care of juveniles on behalf of the county youth center for 2019.
* Approval of critical infrastructure projects in Republic and Fostoria via Community Development Block Grant set aside funds. Also, a resolution approving the administrative funds/fair housing amounts related to the Republic project.
* Approval of the use of program income funds as the required 10-percent match for critical infrastructure projects in Republic for CDBG set aside funds.

One thought on “Pre-meeting release 11/19

  • November 20, 2018 at 8:23 am

    Since alternative energy projects receive significant federal tax dollars, (thru the Alternative Production Tax Credit), and additional state monetary incentives, and these projects do not allow for local control, the Seneca County Commisioners need to rescind the AEZ immediately. There aren’t significant permanent jobs created by these projects and only a flat line payment in lieu of taxes (which presently amounts to less than 2% of a budget that has a 3% increase figured in annually for inflation). These projects are going to create additional time and monetary demands for the County Engineer and Township Trustees, permanent disruption in the lives of many Seneca County residents, as well as no guarantee of the use of the generated “green” energy. The proposed resolution before theSeneca County Commissioners concerning rescinding the AEZ at a “random” date will only lead to more Industrial Wind Projects being given more tax dollars to further destroy Seneca County as we know it.


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