Veterans Month Spotlight: John Kreps

                   John Kreps

What Branch and Why?

United States Marine Corp. I originally decided in my Junior year to enlist in the Army like my father but there was something about the Marine Corp that seemed to be an exciting challenge.

Why did I serve?

There are many reasons but the two most important for me was that my family, both mother’s and father’s side, has a very long history of military serving leading back to the Revolutionary war even though my relative was one of the German Hessians that fought for the British.

What was my job/assignment?

I was fortunate to be one of the first members of FAST Company. Fleet Antiterrorist Security Team is a reactionary force designed to combat terrorist anywhere in the world at a moments notice. This included embassy security, special weapon security and high-risk target security all over the globe.

Most Memorable moment:

There are so many great memories and just as many bad but if I must choose, I would have to say the time our unit was “tested” against US Navy Seal Team. Our unit earned military awards for our performance against some of the best military people in the world.

What were some of the challenges I faced?

There were many exciting challenges along the way, but the most important challenge was me. Learning that I CAN DO, setting aside my doubt and believing in myself. Completing that challenge, I feel has set me up for success for all my future endeavors.