Seneca County 2023 Reappraisal Update


[Tiffin, OH — Sept. 20, 2023] — Julie A. Adkins, Seneca County Auditor, announces the 2023 Reappraisal Update of real estate has been completed, and the new estimated market values are now available for your review.
Property owners will be receiving a postcard this week directing them to view the tentative values on the auditor’s website at, in person at 109 S. Washington Street, 2nd Floor, Tiffin or by calling (419) 447-0692.
If you have any questions or feel this value does not represent market value or selling price, you can either send an email to or call the Auditor’s office at 419-447-0692 for additional information regarding your property. The appraisal staff will be available for informal reviews to discuss your property’s new estimated market value and the information on your property record card. You can complete the request for your property information to be reviewed online through a survey or you may select a time to meet with the appraisal staff through the online scheduler.
Parcels with new construction or new splits may still be under construction.
The change in your property value is not directly correlated to your property tax bill.

This notice is in compliance with Ohio Revised Code §5713.01

Julie A. Adkins
Seneca County Auditor