Seneca County Commissioners look back at the past 200 years

By Sheri Trusty, Seneca County Media Relations Coordinator

As Seneca County celebrates its bicentennial, the Seneca County Commissioners have been taking a weekly look back at events both great and small that have shaped the county in the past 200 years. Each Monday, the commissioners have posted a weekly “This Week in Seneca County” history trivia post on their Facebook page.

As the commissioners look back at historical events that have taken place in the month of June throughout the years, two instances stand out.

The very first Seneca County Board of Commissioners was organized on June 7, 1824. Two hundred years later, Commissioners Anthony Paradiso, Bill Frankart and Tyler Shuff are carrying the torch of county leadership into a new century of service.

On June 6, 1917, Seneca County suffered its first WWI casualty when county resident, soldier Charles H. McCarthy, was killed in France. Since that time, countless county residents have given their lives to protect their country. The Seneca County Commissioners are inexpressibly grateful for each sacrifice and for the selfless service of every county military veteran throughout the past 200 years.

Please join the commissioners as they take a weekly look back at the past 200 years of Seneca County’s extraordinary history. “This Week in Seneca County” can be viewed on the Seneca County Commissioners Facebook page.


The Seneca County Commissioners honor the long, colorful history of Seneca County, which celebrates its 200th birthday in 2024.