Sheriff’s Office veterans recognized for 30 years of service

By Seneca County Sheriff Fredrick Stevens

What does three decades mean?

Three decades refers to a period of 30 years. It can be used to describe a specific length of time or to mark the passing of time in a person’s life or in a particular historical or cultural context.

These six individuals have given three decades of their lives in dedication to ensuring the prosperity and safety of our great county. Words cannot adequately express the gratitude I have for their service to this office over that span of time. Each of them should be proud that they have served with pride and dedication to their community and have our enduring thanks for the trials and tribulations they have put up with over that time period of being in public service. They missed family landmark events such as birthdays, proms, graduations, etc. They worked odd shifts and hours and mandatory overtime. They missed just hanging out on holidays and weekends with family and friends. All of this was voluntary and done to serve others.

Please join me in thanking these Public Servants who have watched over all of us for the last THREE DECADES: Captain Brian Hescht, Lieutenant William Cunningham, Sergeant Kevin Reinbolt, Deputy Stacie Penwell, Deputy Kelly Read and Corrections Officer Laurie Thompson

  Captain Brian Hescht
Lieutenant William Cunningham


Sergeant Kevin Reinbolt
Deputy Stacie Penwell
Deputy Kelly Read
Corrections Officer Laurie Thompson