Tennessee man has been planning his eclipse trip to Tiffin since 2017

By Sheri Trusty, Seneca County Media Relations Coordinator


Surrounding the big story of the total solar eclipse are all the smaller stories of the people who traveled to Seneca County to watch the sun disappear. They met some of the county ‘s friendly residents and discovered why so many people choose to make Seneca County their home.

Richard Cole lies on the lawn at the East Green Amphitheater and takes the last of his photographs of the April 8 Total Solar Eclipse.

Among them was Richard Cole, who had been planning his April 8 visit to Tiffin since he last viewed a total eclipse in Sweetwater, Tennessee, in 2017. He traveled to Tiffin from his home in Clinton Township, Michigan, with his girlfriend, Ann Joseph.

Cole is a photographer, and the mission of his trip was to photograph the eclipse from Tiffin. He brought special filters, sprawled out on the grass at the East Green Amphitheater while 150 couples got married or renewed their vows during Elope at the Eclipse, and shot progressive photos as the sun disappeared behind the moon.

Cole graciously made a point to introduce himself to Seneca County Commissioner Bill Frankart at the Elope at the Eclipse event and offered to send him the photos.

Richard Cole, left, and Ann Joseph traveled from Michigan to Tiffin to take photos of the eclipse.

“It was really nice to meet Richard, and I was thrilled he traveled so far to visit Tiffin,” Commissioner Frankart said. “I’m very grateful he sent us his beautiful photos.”

April 8 gave Joseph her very first opportunity to view an eclipse. The county is delighted she chose Tiffin for her maiden eclipse experience.

“It was incredible,” Joseph said. “No matter how many times Richard described it to me, it just didn’t compare to actually seeing it.”

Cole could have chosen several places in Ohio to photograph the eclipse, but he picked Tiffin. He said he looked for a small town that had lots to offer, where he could connect with friendly locals.

“I started planning my trip here right after the 2017 eclipse,” he said. “I chose Tiffin for the same reason I chose Sweetwater – small city, USA with lots of friendly people.  We had a very nice time, and I have lots of new friends on Facebook from Tiffin who wanted to see the pictures I took.”

Below are the April 8 total solar eclipse photos taken by Richard Cole at the East Green Amphitheater during Elope at the Eclipse in Tiffin.