Weights and Measures Week – March 1-7, 2022

Weights and Measures Week – March 1- 7, 2022

Seneca County Auditor Julie Adkins announces Weights and Measures Week March 1-7, 2022. These dates are designated every year to commemorate President John Adams’ signing of the first United States weights and measures law on March 2nd, 1799.

Ohio law provides that the county auditor shall be the county sealer of weights and measures. The county auditor employs inspectors who shall see that all state laws relating to weights and measures are strictly enforced.

The Ohio Department of Agriculture tests and certifies weights and measures’ standards used by Seneca County for use by inspectors to test the many scales and meters used by county businesses. These inspections are conducted to ensure accuracy in the marketplace.

It is important to know that weights and measures are checked throughout Seneca County to make sure the public is receiving accurate amounts. Examples include: Buying a pound of lunch meat at a deli, filling up a vehicle at a gas station, ordering a pound of chicken wings or chunks at a restaurant and selling aluminum cans at a recycling center.

Weights and measures jurisdictions use weights and measures week to inform others about their role in commerce and to help the public to be more aware as consumers. The role of weights and measures officials impact everyone and it is one of the government’s most impactful consumer protection services. Contact the Seneca County Auditor’s Office for more information at (419) 447-0692.