Commissioner Mike Kerschner’s accomplishments

Some of Seneca County Commissioner Mike Kerschner’s Accomplishments

[Tiffin, OH — Dec. 27, 2022] — Seneca County Commissioner Mike Kerschner has completed an eight-year term marked by fiscal responsibility, community collaboration and transparency. Kerschner helped pass a balanced General Fund operating budget each year and played a key role in the construction of the $16 million Seneca County Justice Center Project. In 2018, he worked with fellow commissioners Holly Stacy and Shayne Thomas to establish the county’s first Budget Stabilization Fund, which now has a balance of approximately $2 million. Kerschner has also focused on making short-term investments to save costs in the long term, moving the board of elections office to a more efficient space, and setting aside funding for new voting equipment. He was recognized by the Ohio Secretary of State’s Office and served on a panel at the June 2021 conference to discuss positive collaborations between county commissioners and board of elections offices. Kerschner has also supported the PIVOT Drug Court Program, which helps individuals with addiction issues, and has worked to combat the opioid addiction crisis in the county. In addition, he has helped make county meetings more accessible and transparent by live streaming them on Facebook and Zoom, creating a Public Relations Director position and posting detailed meeting recaps on the county’s website. Kerschner has also built strong relationships with state and federal government officials and has worked on behalf of local residents to advocate on important issues such as industrial wind turbine projects. He has attended more than 400 commissioners’ board meetings and over 800 committee and community organization meetings and has appeared on local radio more than 40 times to discuss county business. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Kerschner used his financial expertise to ensure that one-time federal funding was used for one-time non-recurring costs rather than increasing operating expenses. He also approved the Seneca CARES Project, which provided financial assistance to individuals, small businesses, and nonprofit organizations negatively impacted by the pandemic.