Don Mennel sworn in as new Mayor of Fostoria

Don Mennel keeps Fostoria facing forward as new mayor

By Sheri Trusty, Seneca County Media Relations Coordinator

Fostoria City Law Director Stephanie Kiser, right, swears in Don Mennel as the new Mayor of Fostoria on Jan. 2. (Photo courtesy of Zach Stumpf, Scanner Media)

During his two years on Fostoria City Council, Don Mennel was part of the city leadership that worked hard to bring positive change to the city. When former mayor, Eric Keckler, decided he would not seek reelection, Mennel felt the pull to push Fostoria into an even stronger future.

“When Eric announced he wasn’t going to return, I looked around at everything that was going on and decided I had to keep that forward-momentum going,” Mennel said.

Mennel was sworn in as Mayor of Fostoria in the Fostoria Municipal Courtroom on Jan. 2.

Seneca County Commissioner Tyler Shuff, left, and Seneca County Commissioner Bill Frankart, right, attended the swearing-in ceremony of Fostoria Mayor Don Mennel, center, on Jan. 2. (Photo by Sheri Trusty)

During his term on city council, the city received grants and developed programs that will help make life in Fostoria not only more convenient for its residents, but also more fun. Upcoming potential projects include bringing a splashpad and inclusive park to the city, constructing a much-needed overpass and establishing handicap accessibility in the municipal building.

“We have a really long list of positive things going on,” Mennel said.

His work on city council allowed Mennel to establish relationships among city staff that will help make his transition to mayor flow smoothly.

“We have a great workforce assembled, and I want to keep that energy moving forward,” he said.

Seneca County Commissioners Bill Frankart and Tyler Shuff attended Mennel’s swearing-in ceremony. Frankart has worked with Mennel on countywide projects, allowing him an insider’s view on Mennel’s abilities as he takes on the role of mayor.

“Don brings many strong skillsets to the Fostoria mayoral seat from his business experience, leadership and dedication to Fostoria’s current and future success,” Frankart said.

Mennel’s plans for the city will start from within.

“I want to focus on the culture within the city building,” he said. “I want to get phone calls returned. I want to serve the public.”

Seneca County Commissioner Tyler Shuff, addresses Fostoria City Council and new Fostoria Mayor Don Mennel on Jan. 2.  “You have a very important job in front of you, so anything that we can do with the commissioners’ office to help you guys, we’re in this together,” he said. (Photo courtesy of Zach Stumpf, Scanner Media)

Mennel left a strong impact in his two years on city council. He said his greatest accomplishment was impacting the city’s decision to contract with the SAFEbuilt engineering firm for building permit and inspection service.

“One of the top things we did was work with the Seneca County Commissioners to separate from the Wood County building department and begin working with SAFEbuilt,” he said.

Shuff looks forward to continuing that collaboration between the commissioners’ office and the City of Fostoria under Mennel’s leadership.

“It’s important to me to be present and witness the oath and swearing-in of our elected office holders,” Shuff said. “This is a very important job, and I want our representatives across the county to know we are here for them and deliver a message of collaboration.”