May 3rd Primary Election Unofficial Results

Full Unofficial Primary Results

The Seneca County Board of Elections has finalized the unofficial count for the May 3rd Primary Election. Please remember these are the unofficial results. There are 57 absentee votes outstanding that could come in before the May 13th deadline if they were postmarked by May 2nd. The board also must rule on the legality of 56 provisional ballots. The official count, which will include the results of the aforementioned absentee and provisional ballots, is scheduled to be conducted on May 25th at 5 p.m.

Results from the major races:

Seneca County Commissioner

William Frankart 60.4%, 4,682 votes

Adam F. Smith 39.6%, 3,070 votes

Seneca County Common Pleas Court

Damon D. Alt 39.6%, 3,061 votes

Kenneth C. Clason 39.6%, 3,060 votes

Ken Egbert Jr. 20.8%, 1,606 votes

Tiffin Tax Levy (Roads and Bridges levy)

For 61.5%, 1,675 votes

Against 38.5%, 1,048 votes

You can view the full printout here.